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LOXAM ACCESS offers you personalised hire solutions according to your needs, applications and constraints.


Short and medium-term hire

To meet ad-hoc needs, Loxam Access makes you a suitable offer starting from one day’s hire, with a decreasing rate for the following days.

Minilease®, long-term hire

A hire option for 1, 2 or 3 years with provision of “Full Service” maintenance, Minilease® gives you the convenience of ownership with the advantages of hire. Loxam Access undertakes to supply you with new and high-performance platforms while providing 100% maintenance of them.

National agreements

For large accounts, business enterprises operating over the whole country or with considerable lifting equipment needs, Loxam Access offers appropriate pricing and services, which are the same over the whole of its network.

Reason to work with Loxam Access?

  • Global business dedicated to local service. All Loxam branches are staffed by highly trained professionals who understand even the most specialised needs and are committed to delivering that local support throughout all stages of the hire.
  • Total Access Solutions Being part of Europe's No 1 means Loxam Access in the UK have strong partnerships with leading manufacturers of equipment and suppliers of supporting services.

    These partnerships ensure the highest levels of knowledge in equipment safety, quality and reliability, enabling Loxam Access to offer this as standard across all customers be they large or small, or whether it is for 3 day hire or a 3 year Minilease with full maintenance cover.
  • Branches with a human face All our branches are staffed by people who understand even your most specialised needs and are committed to providing a high quality of response and service.
  • Local knowledge serving local markets Loxam's expansion, through the acquisition of respected companies across Europe, gives the Group the advantage of comprehensive local knowledge or regulations and market requirements
  • Reliability Our rigorous quality systems guarantee that all machines you use undergo pre and post-delivery inspections in our own workshops by our own technicians.
  • Customer Support Loxam Access aims to provide unrivalled customer service and support through: Consultation, site survey and expert advice.